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Helping Kids Ski One Day at a Time

Ski4All's Mission Statement

SKI4ALL is a federally-approved 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing foster children and other kids who are currently undergoing a very difficult time in their lives with an awesome ski experience that combines the amusement and relaxation of skiing with the positive health benefits of participating.


In 2015 Cory Gorczycki, the founder of SKI4ALL, lost both of his cherished grandparents suddenly over a period of only 2 months.

He found that the experience of skiing was immensely valuable in helping him to cope with his loss.

Skiing requires intense focus on what you are doing, provides new and natural surroundings, and is great physical exercise.


Cory established SKI4ALL in 2016, in order to help other kids going through a tough time to have access to the emotional and physical benefits of skiing.

100% of all donations will be used on ski related goods and services to benefit the kids who need us!

Contact us to help us coordinate a great ski day experience for kids in need of an emotional boost during a challenging period of their lives.

Our mission is to bring the joy and excitement of skiing combined with healthy outdoor winter exercise to kids who are experiencing a tough time.

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